May 18, 2011

And the Reds go marching on....

"Merseyside are you watchingggGGGGG!!!" was resounding all over and make no mistake Rooney made sure Merseyside did at least hear Manchester celebrating(You maybe forgiven for thinking Mancity is from Manchester and Everton from Merseyside!).

Well, Blackburn Rovers showed more intent than Chelsea to get three points but to use the phrase 'time and again' would be appropriate. Though the United lineup was a strong one there were many nervy moments but hey, I'm not here to talk about that match. United sealing it mathematically at Ewood Park(logically, the title could have been given at the start of the season) was irony at its best, the place which was considered the turning point last season, to prevent United getting that four in a row!

Other managers have been commenting on how United don't have a star player, how they lack the flair and pace - POOF! Even by standards of the weak(supposedly) United team, they have proved themselves too hot to handle for Chelsea and Arsenal. Hell with the star players, who needs better players than Giggs, Rooney, Vidic and Vandersar, to name a few. The fact is that other teams are getting bored of seeing United doing it again and again. But whichever team United has played down the years, the success can truly be attributed only to the 'great scot!' Ferguson!

To use the word Phenomenon would be an understatement to the gaffer's achievements. He has developed talents into top players, bought the right ones(Berbatov too!) and most importantly made transition of teams the proper way(Are you reading, Wenger?). He doesn't care who the player is, he makes sure people know who's the boss here, contact David Beckham and Diego Forlan for further details. People completely wrote United off after Ronaldo and Tevez left, but here he is lifting the 19th title for United and still chewing on his gum the same way!

This United team has got potential, the midfield may look a little worn out Carrick and Fletcher may radiate that sense of mediocrity(a borrowed phrase), but the truth is that they step up when needed. United have won the title and are in the final of the champions league, so no one can argue if this team can conquer the world. Maybe this team lacks a little class, but makes up for it with hard work. I expect United to make their mark yet again, winning the CL. Go United....